STORY "About us from 1993 to 2019"

We are
A „Museum in a Suitcase“ - always on the road with intercultural projects.

Our intention is
To encourage children to create something of which they can be proud.

We want
To draw, to paint, to make music, to play theatre, to make films, to organize our own exhibitions and to publish books

Our Motto
From children – with children – for children

Our mission
To build a bridge between all nations through the candid artwork of children

Kinder-Kunst-Museum e.V. of childrens art
Nina Vladi and her friends launched the association "Kinderkunst Museum, Berlin – International" for the advancement of the artistic development of children on 11 August 1993. We have made it our goal to provide more attention to and recognition of the creative expressiveness of children and to build a worldwide forum for the cultural exchange on the basis of children’s art.

Founding Members
Nina Vladi – Dipl. Designer/Art Conservator
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Biewald – Chief Physician/Pediatric Surgeon
Freya Klier – Writer
Erika Eckmüller – Businesswoman
Isolde Josipovici – Businesswoman
Klaus-Günter Neumann – Attorney at Law
Losito – Artist

Honorary Members and Friends
Vicco v. Bülow – LORIOT
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Biewald, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Dr. mult. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Prof. Justus Frantz, Conductor, Hamburg
Monika v. Hattingberg, Musical Docent, Berlin
Jens Mittelsten Scheid, München
Prof. Dr. Martin Sperlich

We focus on 3 areas

In cooperation with different institutions all over the world, children are invited to send in their work – pictures, poems, prose, photos, music sheets, videos - any form of artistic expression is possible.

The gallery of children’s art as represented in the exhibitions, is characterized by great diversity and expressiveness. This diversity provides a point of departure for yet another aspect of our work, in which we focus on the encounter with other cultures by way of

Local artists from around the world provide a supplement framework for the Berlin exhibitions under the motto „Games, Art, Music“.

The "Kinder-Kunst-Museum" (KKM) owns a collection of international children’s art unique in Germany consisting of 10,000 objects from 82 countries. The works provide a representation of contemporary international children’s art according to size, content and place of origin. Our archives also contain teaching materials and visual aids for artistic and/or (inter)cultural education. Additionally, they provide a valuable resource for research in a variety of fields, including art, education, social science, psychology and more.

The greater part of the archive may be borrowed, including the traveling exhibitions "World Dove", "Atlantis", "Millennium", "Arche Noah", "Children, Art & Sports", "My House, My Blue Planet Earth", "Stillleben" "Fantasia"
and "Give Me Your Hand".